Certified Islamic Bankning

Certifeid Islamic Banking

Who is this Cousre For

The course is open for all individuals across the world. The minimum criterion for doing any course of the Institute is good knowledge of English. The course is designed for persons wishing to pursue a career in Islamic banking or also for those serving in the industry in their career progression. The course will also benefit those who wish to learn the fundamentals of Islamic banking and finance and their applications.

CIB Syllabs :

Islamic Economic System :

  • Introduction to Economic Theories and Islamic Economic System
  • The Historical Development Of Islamic Banking
  • Islamic Commercial Law
  • The Basic Prohibitions
  • Qard and Dayn in Islamic Commercial Contracts
  • Islamic Law of Sale and Purchase

Modes of Sharjah-compliant Transactions :

  • Introduction to islamic modes of Finance
  • Non-partipatory modes of finance
  • participatory modes of finance
  • Accessory modes

Islamic Banking Operations:

  • Key Characteristics of Islamic Banking Operations
  • Islamic Retail Banking services
  • Islamic investment management services
  • Corporate Banking In Islamic Banks 
  • Treasury and international banking

Governance, Regulation, Accounting Issues in islamic Banking:

  • Social Responsibilty and Internal Controls
  • Regulatory Compliance Functions
  • Risk Management in islamic financial Institutions
  • Modern trends in Islamic Banking

Introduction to islamic Insurance(takaful):

  • Insurance and Introduction of Takaful
  • Takaful and Retakful